"Can't find anyone brave
enough to let you
drive their car...?
Tired of getting yelled at?
Getting taught all the
wrong things?"

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Road Test
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How can I schedule a NYS road test?

You can schedule a road test 24/7 through an automated system via phone, DMV website or you can hire a driving school to schedule one for you

How fast can I get a road test date?

Normal Road Test Dates typically range anywhere from 6-8 weeks in the spring/summer and 4-6 weeks in the fall/winter.Schedule a Road Test

Fast/Expedited Road Test Dates can be acquired in as little as 27 hours for an additional fee

You don’t need a driving school to schedule a road test date but if you have specific scheduling needs in terms of area, date or time and you need it asap then you may find it easier to pay a road test specialist to acquire a date for you.

Expedited Road Test Service/Road Test Specialist

How it works

  1. Fill out our Google form with your permit, five hour class and scheduling info
  1. Schedule a Fast Road Test
  1. Make a payment (In full or a partial payment)

Balance is due when the test is scheduled

Priority given to students who pay in full, in advance

Full refund if we are unable to get a date

Give us 24-48 hours to get a date

We may need more time to schedule test that need to meet more specific criteria

  1. We will notify you when we acquire the date (You will have 24 hours to confirm and pay any balance, if owed)(If your road test is scheduled for the following day they you will be required to confirm and pay any balances on the same day you are notified, by 6pm)
  2. Confirm your test date

Dates that have not been confirmed or that have not been fully paid for in the allotted time frame will be canceled.

If you also need a vehicle for your test, we can provide one for an extra fee.

Road Test vehicle fees vary depending on the test site

Road Test vehicles do not automatically come with a driving lesson although if you request it and time permits, your accompanying driver may allow you a 10-15 drive so that you can get a feel of the vehicle.

You can also purchase either a 30 min or full 60 min lesson that you can take before your test.

OFFICE: 718-773-7376
TEXT: 347-699-6381

495 Flatbush Ave
Between Lefferts and Empire
Office #57, 2nd Flor