"Can't find anyone brave
enough to let you
drive their car...?
Tired of getting yelled at?
Getting taught all the
wrong things?"

Individual Lessons
Road Test
No Hidden Fees
Car Included

***Update 4/18/2020 We moved to 495 Flatbush Ave between Lefferts and Empire 2nd Floor Office #57

Schedule a Lesson?

  1. Choose a package or service
  2. Make a payment
  3. Register with your payment transaction#
  4. Confirm date and time of your lessons
  5. Each lesson is 1 hour

    Individual lessons $45 per hour

    Click here for a full list of services

    Make a payment

    1. You can pay with any of the following methods:


    Cashapp: $Millarboyz

    Website: http://www.roadtestready.com/services.htm

    PayPal: firstdibz@aol.com

    Zelle: firstdibz@gmail.com

    1. In order to avoid any discrepancies, please enter the payment transaction# here and request a receipt:

    Enter your payment info here

    Payment should be made in full for all completed services

    Payment Plans are available if you are paying in advance

    1st payment is typically due by the start of the first lesson.

    Payment Plans

    Ten Lesson Package (Equal payments can be made either on the 1st,3rd,5th,7th/Last payment lessons or on the 1st,3rd,5th/Last payment lesson)

    Five Lesson Package (Equal payments can be made on the 1st,3rd lesson/Last payment)

    Registration/Lesson/Appointment Booking 

    There are two forms to complete.

    One is for your contact info. The other is for your availability. Please complete both.

    1. Please enter your name and address here:

    1. Please Enter "ALL" your available days and times on the following form then click "Send": Enter your availability here

    • The more slots you select the easier it will be for us to fit you in
    • If your schedule changes, please reenter your new availability on this form
    • If your schedule changes from week to week then fill out your current availability on this form and update it as necessary or notify us of any weekly schedule changes using the lesson confirmation form or by text.
    • Please note: (Common errors) Phone numbers that don't match on all forms do to missed typos. We use your phone number to synchronize the info you provide across all forms. Please make sure the phone number you provide is accurate and is the same across all google forms to ensure proper registration.
    • (Common error) Not selecting enough slots. A common error in providing your schedule of availability on the google forms is only providing us with one or two slots. If your availability is truly that limited then we will try to make adjustments to our schedule to accommodate you but quite often people who don’t select enough slots never make it into the calendar. This is usually due to the slots you chose not being available in the school or instructor’s schedule. If you have more flexibility please select as many slots as possible that can work with your schedule. If you do not have more flexibility and you don’t seem to be making it into our weekly schedule then please contact us directly at 7187918807.
    • Lessons typically can be scheduled: Monday - Saturday 7am-8pm; No Sundays

    How scheduling works

    We use an automatic scheduling system that will automatically schedule you every week.

    Our scheduling system matches your availability with your instructor’s availability to provide you with a weekly schedule.

    If the schedule you are provided with does not match the days and/or frequency that you would like, please let us know and we will make adjustments.

    1. The schedule for your next lesson will be posted every Sunday by 9pm.

    • Please confirm the date posted for your next lesson within 24 hours of it being posted

    • Please let us know if your availability has changed, asap.
    • If you do not confirm the date we will assume that it is no longer a good fit for you.

    • If for some reason your available times have changed, please let us know by 12pm the day before your scheduled lesson. The best way to inform us of last minute changes, is by text (7187918807).  Text us the earliest time you can start and the latest time you can finish. Otherwise we will assume that the availability that you previously provided us, is good.

    1. An exact time of your lesson will be posted by 4pm the day before your scheduled lesson.  

    • Check the previous link for the exact time (You may also receive a text)
    • Please confirm by 9pm.
    • Students who do not confirm their appointments will be rescheduled

    Lessons are usually done piggyback style where one student picks up the other. Our scheduling system will try to optimize the schedule by either piggybacking students who live near each other or by leaving gaps between students.

    Most lessons are free pickup at the address that you provided, as long as it is in or near our normal areas of service. There may be an additional fee for out of area or no piggyback lessons.

    *Make sure the phone number entered in both forms correspond to each other.

    *Phone numbers should be different for different members of the same household.

    *Double check for typos

    Once you are registered the only thing you have to do is confirm the date and time of your lesson. Schedules for the coming week will usually be posted on Sundays. You will be provided with a link to check your schedule.

    If you'd like to start sooner or have more than one lesson per week: Text 7187918807

OFFICE: 718-773-7376
TEXT: 347-699-6381

495 Flatbush Ave
Between Lefferts and Empire
Office #57, 2nd Flor