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How does this work?

  1. Choose a package or service
  2. Make a payment
  3. Register with your payment transaction#
  4. Confirm date and time of your lessons
  5. Schedule a pre-licensing course
  6. Complete a pre-licensing course
  7. Schedule a road test
  8. Confirm road test details
  9. Take your road test


Current Specials 

$300($310 w/zoom) Services included:

(Five lessons, car for road test, road test appointment and five hour class)

$280 Services included:

(Five lessons, car for road test, road test appointment)

$490($500 w/zoom) Services included:

(Ten lessons, car for road test, road test appointment and five hour class)

$470 Services included:

(Ten lessons, car for road test, road test appointment)

Each lesson is 1 hour

Individual lessons $45 per hour

Click here for a full list of services

Make a payment

  1. You can pay with any of the following methods:


Cashapp: $Millarboyz

Website: http://www.roadtestready.com/services.htm

PayPal: firstdibz@aol.com

Zelle: firstdibz@gmail.com

  1. In order to avoid any discrepancies, please enter the payment transaction# here and request a receipt:

Enter your payment info here

Payment should be made in full for all completed services

Payment Plans are available if you are paying in advance

1st payment is typically due by the start of the first lesson.

Payment Plans

Ten Lesson Package (Equal payments can be made either on the 1st,3rd,5th,7th/Last payment lessons or on the 1st,3rd,5th/Last payment lesson)

Five Lesson Package (Equal payments can be made on the 1st,3rd lesson/Last payment)

Registration/Lesson/Appointment Booking 

There are two forms to complete.

One is for your contact info. The other is for your availability. Please complete both.

  1. Please enter your name and address here:

  1. Please Enter "ALL" your available days and times on the following form then click "Send": Enter your availability here

How scheduling works

We use an automatic scheduling system that will automatically schedule you every week.

Our scheduling system matches your availability with your instructor’s availability to provide you with a weekly schedule.

If the schedule you are provided with does not match the days and/or frequency that you would like, please let us know and we will make adjustments.

  1. The schedule for your next lesson will be posted every Sunday by 9pm.

  1. An exact time of your lesson will be posted by 4pm the day before your scheduled lesson.  

Lessons are usually done piggyback style where one student picks up the other. Our scheduling system will try to optimize the schedule by either piggybacking students who live near each other or by leaving gaps between students.

Most lessons are free pickup at the address that you provided, as long as it is in or near our normal areas of service. There may be an additional fee for out of area or no piggyback lessons.

*Make sure the phone number entered in both forms correspond to each other.

*Phone numbers should be different for different members of the same household.

*Double check for typos

Once you are registered the only thing you have to do is confirm the date and time of your lesson. Schedules for the coming week will usually be posted on Sundays. You will be provided with a link to check your schedule.

If you'd like to start sooner or have more than one lesson per week: Text 7187918807


What will I learn in each driving lesson?

The basics of what you will be taught are left turns, right turns, three point turns, parallel parking, rules of the road and proper observation. What order and what frequency you practice those things should be determined by how quickly you can become competent in those skills. Every student is different and will learn at their own pace. One student's learning experience may be vastly different from the next. Lesson plans will be tailored to each individual student based on their strengths and weaknesses.

How often should I take my driving lessons?

Everyone is different. Most people will be fine taking their lessons once per week. Others may require more frequent lessons, 2-3 times per week.

Then there are others who may not need much practice at all and can do the bulk of their lessons closer to their test. The determining factor should be are you improving from one lesson to the next or are you at least retaining information from one lesson to the next. You may not see noticeable improvement on each and every lesson but if you are at least retaining information then you will indeed get better over time.

If you are not retaining information from one lesson to the next then you may either need to take notes so that you can do some home study or you may need to increase the frequency of your lessons.

Five Hour Class/Pre-Licensing Course

The correct name for the five hour class is the pre-licensing course.

New York state requires all drivers license applicants to complete this course prior to scheduling their road test.

After completing this class you will receive an MV278 certificate.

In most cases, you must bring this certificate with you to your road test.

The class is designed to cover various topics ranging from DMV rules and regulations to drinking and driving to road rage.

The class is typically taught in 4-5 hours.

There are three different ways that you can take it:

Computer Automated, In-person or Live Streaming.

Your MV278 certificate expires one year from the date that you completed the class.

Once it expires you must retake the five hour class.

Can I renew my five hour certificate without retaking the class?


Can I take the road test with an expired MV278 certificate?

It depends. If your MV278 certificate is still valid when you schedule your road test but is expired by the time you take your road test then you can still use your expired MV278 certificate.

But, if your MV278 certificate is already expired when you schedule your road test, you will need a new MV278 certificate by the time you take your road test.

For example:

Let’s say there is a road test date available two weeks from now on a Friday but your MV278 certificate expires today. If you book that road test date today then you can still use your expired certificate on the day of your road test but if you wait until tomorrow to book that same road test date then you will need to retake the pre-licensing course and get a new MV278 certificate.

Can I bring a photocopy or screenshot of my five hour/mv278 certificate to the road test?


You must bring either your original MV278 certificate or a duplicate issued by a driving school. The DMV will not accept photocopies, screenshots or pictures.

What if I lose my five hour certificate? 

You will need to get a replacement copy from the driving school you originally took it with, before you take your road test.

When should I take my five hour class?

We recommend that students take the class anytime after they've acquired enough driving experience to be familiar with the driving concepts discussed in the class. For students who already have a significant amount of driving experience, we recommend that you take the class as soon as possible.  For students with little to no prior driving experience, we recommend that you take at least 3-4 driving lessons before taking the class. Also, if possible the pre-licensing course should be taken when you still have enough lessons to evenly space out leading up to your road test

Computer Automated

(If you completed the course through a computer automated teaching system and have received confirmation that you have successfully completed the course, then a record of your course completion will be transmitted to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, you will not receive a MV278 certificate and a digital record of your course completion will be waiting for you when you arrive at the test site)


The good thing about the computer taught classes is that they can be completed at home and on your own time.

Class can be broken up and doesn't have to be done in one straight five hour session

You don't need to bring an MV278 certificate to your road test


The bad part about these types of courses is the verification process. If something goes wrong, which sometimes they do then you may not get credit for completing the course and may have to do it over.

Some people also find it easier to do the class with a live person rather than sitting in front of a computer.

There is no way to skip through or expedite the online material to complete the class in less than  5 hours.

Longer completion time - some students may find that the flexibility of completing the class at their own pace may lead to them taking a longer time to complete than if they had taken and completed an in-person or zoom class in one shot.


Can you finish the pre-licensing course in less than five hours?

Generally speaking, the pre-licensing course is designed to be completed in a minimum of 4 hours and a maximum of 5 hours.

All computer automated pre-licensing courses are a full five hours.

In comparison, you may find that some in-person and zoom pre-licensing courses can be completed in only four hours.


Taught by New York State DMV approved schools

Taught in a physical classroom


Live person

Receive your MV278 certificate same day

Could be only 4 hours


Must complete the five hours in one session


As of 2020 the pre-licensing course can be taught by New York State DMV approved schools via online platforms.


Can be completed remotely


Must arrange receipt of your MV278 certificate

Possibility that certificate could get lost in the mail

Must complete five hours straight

Who needs a MV278 certificate?

**The DMV no longer takes your MV278 certificate after you pass your road test.

What is the difference between the five hour class, pre-licensing course, the defensive driving class, the six hour class and drivers ed?

Those are various names for three similar but different classes.

The five hour class and the pre-licensing course are the same thing and taken by students preparing for the NYS DMV road test. The class duration is usually five hours. You usually get an MV278 certificate that expires in one year. This class can not be used for car insurance purposes. This class is a prerequisite to taking your road test. It is mandatory.

The six hour course and the defensive driving class are also called the point insurance reduction class or PIRP. Three different names for the same class. This class is usually taken by students interested in either reducing their car insurance by 10% or reducing points on their drivers license. The certificate earned by completing this class expires in three years. The certificate from this class can not be used to take a NYS DMV road test.

Drivers ed

This class is designed for students who are under 18 years old. Completion of this class gives students who are over the age of 17 greater driving privileges than students who do not complete this course. Students of this class can receive their full drivers license privileges at 17 instead of at 18 years old. Students who complete this course will be issued an MV285 certificate which expires 2 years after course completion. This certificate can be used to take your NYS DMV road test. This course is usually taught at a local high school during or after school hours. This course usually includes both classroom and car instruction and is taught in several sessions over the duration of a school semester. The MV285 certificate is sometimes referred to as a blue card. (Unfortunately we do not provide this service.)

How can I schedule a five hour class/pre-licensing course?

Easy. You can take your five hour class anywhere but if you like to take it with us you can register here: Pre-Licensing Course Registration

  1. Open the Google form
  2. Choose a class date
  3. Complete the form to register
  4. Make a payment
  5. Check this page for confirmation and further instructions ***Click here***

Road Test FAQ

What do I need to bring? 

How long is the road test?

The average road test is about 8 minutes

What will I be asked to do on the road test?

The road test usually consist of one parallel park, one three point turn, 3-4 left turns and 3-4 right turns

What happens if I fail my road test?

You can schedule another road test

What happens if I pass my road test?

You will receive your driver's license in the mail

Do I need to go to the DMV after I pass?


How long does the driver's license take to come?

Roughly two weeks

How do I get my NYS DMV road test results?

Test results are typically available by 6pm on the day of your test. After you complete the road test your examiner will give you a card with a website and instructions on how to check your results. Electronic Notifications (nyrtsscheduler.com)

What is the easiest road test site in NY?

Each area has its fair share of challenging obstacles. A test site that was easy for someone else may not be easy for you. The best test sites are the ones that are the most similar to the types of roads and conditions that you have already practiced on. Otherwise our personal preference for the following boroughs are:

Brooklyn: Seaview, Beverly rd

Queens: Jamaica, Laurelton, Cunningham Park

Staten Island: Any

Bronx: Strang Ave

What is a skills test fee?

Every two times you fail the road test, the DMV will require you to pay a $10 skills test fee

You will not be allowed to schedule a road test until this fee is paid

This fee is separate from the fee that driving schools charge to use their road test vehicle

NYS DMV | Pay Road Test Fee | Enter Information

How many free road tests do I get?

You can take the road test as many times as you want but driving schools typically charge to use their vehicle each time you take the test. The DMV will charge you a skills test fee every two times you take the test. You do not have to pay a skills test fee for your first two road tests. You also do not have to pay a separate fee to take the road test in a private vehicle.

How many times can I take the road test?

There is no limit to how many road test you can take

Do I need to bring a driving school vehicle?

No. Private cars are ok.

Click here if you need a vehicle for your road test

Will I have a better chance at passing if I use a driving school vehicle?

When a driving examiner approaches a driving school vehicle their initial impression will be:

This person has probably had formal training

Their instructor would probably not have brought them here if they are not ready

Even if those things are not true, at least i have a dual brake

When a driving examiner approaches a personal vehicle their expectations will be:

They are approaching the unknown

At least someone was brave enough to let them use their vehicle

My ability to stop the vehicle will be greatly limited

A driving examiner will feel more comfortable in a driving school vehicle because they have a greater ability to stop the vehicle in case of student error.

If you are a very competent driver then it probably won’t matter whether your bring a personal vehicle or a driving school vehicle

But if you are the type of driver that could be better in some areas then using a driving school vehicle may be to your advantage

Can I choose/refuse an examiner?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question is, “No” but most examiners will at least skip you if you notify them that they had you before.

You can show them your old five hour class certificate, if necessary as proof that they administered your exam on a previous test

How many lessons do I need to get my license?

Everybody is different but the average can range anywhere between 5-20

But it is not uncommon for some students to take upwards of 30-40 lessons

To put that in perspective, the DMV learners manual recommends that students take at least 50 hours of supervised driving instruction before attempting to take a road test

How can I schedule a NYS road test?

You can schedule a road test 24/7 through an automated system via phone, DMV website or you can hire a driving school to schedule one for you

How fast can I get a road test date?

Normal Road Test Dates typically range anywhere from 6-8 weeks in the spring/summer and 4-6 weeks in the fall/winter.Schedule a Road Test

Fast/Expedited Road Test Dates can be acquired in as little as 27 hours for an additional fee

You don’t need a driving school to schedule a road test date but if you have specific scheduling needs in terms of area, date or time and you need it asap then you may find it easier to pay a road test specialist to acquire a date for you.

Expedited Road Test Service/Road Test Specialist

How it works

  1. Fill out our Google form with your permit, five hour class and scheduling info
  1. Schedule a Fast Road Test
  1. Make a payment (In full or a partial payment)

Balance is due when the test is scheduled

Priority given to students who pay in full, in advance

Full refund if we are unable to get a date

Give us 24-48 hours to get a date

We may need more time to schedule test that need to meet more specific criteria

  1. We will notify you when we acquire the date (You will have 24 hours to confirm and pay any balance, if owed)(If your road test is scheduled for the following day they you will be required to confirm and pay any balances on the same day you are notified, by 6pm)
  2. Confirm your test date

Dates that have not been confirmed or that have not been fully paid for in the allotted time frame will be canceled.

If you also need a vehicle for your test, we can provide one for an extra fee.

Road Test vehicle fees vary depending on the test site

Road Test vehicles do not automatically come with a driving lesson although if you request it and time permits, your accompanying driver may allow you a 10-15 drive so that you can get a feel of the vehicle.

You can also purchase either a 30 min or full 60 min lesson that you can take before your test.

What are the steps to get your driver's license in New York State?

  1. Acquire your NYS learner's permit
  1. Take a written test
  2. Pay fee $65-$90 on average
  3. Permit expires in 4-7 years on average
  4. Must retake the written test to renew your permit
  1. Complete either a NYSDMV approved pre-licensing course or drivers ed course
  1. Depending on what type of course you complete you will either receive a paper MV278 certificate, virtual MV278 certificate or a Driver's ed certificate
  2. You must bring this certificate with you when take your road test
  1. Are driving lessons required?
  1. Driving lessons are not required but are recommended to be prepared to take your road test. The NYS DMV recommends 50 hours worth of supervised driving with 10 hours of night driving.
  1. Schedule a road test
  1. Road test dates usually need to be scheduled in advance. Typical wait times are 6 weeks.
  2. Expedited dates can be acquired for an additional fee.
  3. Road test can be scheduled either directly through the DMV or through a driving school
  1. Take your road test
  1. You must bring a valid picture permit, mv278 certificate or equivalent, a licensed driver and a vehicle. If under 18 you will also need to bring a signed MV262 certificate.
  2. You no longer get your test results immediately.  Test results are usually available the same day as your test after 6pm.
  3. If you pass,  your driver's license will be mailed to the same address on your learners permit. You can request an address change before or immediately following your road test
  4. Your driver's license will come with the same expiration date that is on your learners permit.
  1. Renew your driver license when it expires to retain your driving privileges.

In summary, to get a NYS driver's license you need to take a written test, attain a NYS learners permit, complete a NYS approved pre-licensing course, a vehicle to take your road test, an accompanying driver, pass your NYS state driving exam. That's it.

If you need assistance with any of the above, we will be more than happy to provide you with those services.


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