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Focus Driving School has been serving the community for over 40 years,


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How To Pass Your Road Test - NYC

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Our goal is not only to help you pass your road test but also to prepare you to be a competent New York City driver.
We aim to offer you driving instruction that is clear, concise and easy to follow.

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Get your driver's license on your first try!! Serving the following zip codes in Brooklyn Full service driving school Licensed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle More...

Best Driving Schools in Brooklyn Free pickup Easy scheduling Road Test vehicle included Driving lessons with one driving instructor only Great pricing Flexible driving packages and payment plans Take you to the best road test sites in Brooklyn Extremely patient Fast/Expedited/Quick Road Test First school to take students to other boroughs to pass their road test
First driving school to use the New York State DMV
Road Test Evaluation Sheet as part of their Pre-Licensing Course

Road Test tips (Section 1) 6 Most important things to learn before taking your road test How to start your vehicle How to parallel park How to do a three point turn/broken u turn/k-turn How to make a left turn How to make a right turn How to drive in heavy traffic How to handle various right of way scenarios How to observe properly How to switch lanes in traffic

In business for over 40 years
Serving the following zip codes in Brooklyn
Full service driving school
Licensed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle
First school to take students to other boroughs to pass their road test
First driving school to use the New York State DMV
Road Test Evaluation Sheet as part of their Pre-Licensing Course

Our Philosophy: One and Done (Getting your road test on your first try)

The best pass/fail rate in NYC
The most experienced, the most patient and the most innovative

Focus Auto Driving School

Making the process of getting your driver’s license fun and affordable

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Most schools only give you 45 minutes. We give you a whole hour
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This quiz will test your general knowledge of particular driving techniques and general road test knowledge. The
questions and answers in this test are based off of the New York Department of Motor Vehicles road test. While this
test should be taken moreso for it's entertainment value, it is designed to simulate
real situations and real results that you may experience on a NYC road test exam.

This exam is designed to mimic the point system of the NYSDMV road test.

A perfect score is 0.
-1 to -30+ = Pass.
-31 to -200+ = Fail.
Answers range from 0,5,10,15,20,30, 40 points.
A 40 point mistake is an automatic fail.

Red Hook - Very narrow two way roads, really wide two roads, bike lanes, trucks, Traffic lights, stop signs, all way sign, dead end streets, T streets, Stop signs in funny places, turning lanes, do not enter, one way roads that become two way roads, pedestrians, bikes, moderate traffic, light pedestrian traffic

Should you take your road test here? It’s ok. It’s doable. You need to be very observant when pulling out of parking spots, very observant at blind corners, be ready to stop if surprised by an approaching vehicle, have good spatial awareness/judgment on narrow roads, be able to properly evaluate odd intersections and pavement markings that you may not be familiar with. The area is near downtown brooklyn but closer to the Gowanus side of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway but is away from any of the heavier traffic. Relatively quiet area, near the water and Ikea. It is also near several parks, soccer fields and Red Hook Recreation Center. Traffic in this area is usually driving within the local speed limit.
Nearby Trains: Location to put in gps:
Rating: 3.0

Starrett City - (Right side) Loops, curved roads, extremely wide roads , moderate traffic, multi-lane roads (Flatlands and Pennsylvania avenues), bus lane, bike lanes, turning lanes, stop signs, traffic lights, light pedestrian traffic. (Left side) Multi-lane roads, Turning lanes, turning arrows, traffic lights, very narrow two way roads with no lane markings, wide roads, all way stop signs, stop signs, blind corners, bike lanes, light pedestrian traffic. This test site is in East New York, Brooklyn and is in the same area as Gateway Mall. The road test normally starts on Flatlands ave and occasionally you may have to deal with mall traffic. The speeds of the traffic on Flatlands Ave often exceeds the local speed limit. It’s doable but not my favorite. If your road test examiners takes you into Starett City which borders are Flatlands ave, Van Siclen Ave, the Belt Parkway and Flatlands Ave then your road test will be comparable to some of the easier test sites in NYC. (The road test examiners take most people in this direction.) But if they take you away from Starrett City, where you do most of your driving on the north side of Flatlands Ave and south of Linden Blvd, then the road test becomes a little bit more challenging. It’s still doable on that side but you have to be prepared to switch lanes in heavy traffic, be able to recognize very narrow two way roads that appear to be one way roads and make left turns at busy intersections. Nearby public transportation: 3 Train
Rating: (Right side) 3.8; (Left side) 2.5

Beverly Rd - all way stop signs, normal stop signs, traffic lights, bike lanes, bus lanes, turning lanes This is a pretty good area. It’s located in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. It’s right next to ___ Cemetery on Schenectady ave between Beverly Rd and Tilden Ave. Traffic in this area is moderate and normally drives within the speed limit. Some drivers can be aggressive and impatient, so keep your head on a swivel and be ready to stop. The test starts on Schenectady ave next to a cemetery that is popular with joggers and people looking to stay fit so look for pedestrians when pulling out into traffic. There are few busy, heavily trafficked roads in the area but the examiners mostly stay off those roads but just in case, get some practice on roads like Utica ave. There is one tricky road located on East 57th st between Tilden and Snyder Avenues. It’s a very narrow two way road with no lane markings. This road is relatively far from the test starting point, so the chances that your examiner will take you to this road is pretty low. East 53rd st is a very wide one way road. The tricky thing about these roads, is that when you have a very wide one road, it is easy to mistake it for a two way road and when you have a very narrow two way road, it is easy to mistake it for a one road. These kinds of mistakes can lead to test takers turning into the wrong lane. Otherwise this area is fairly straightforward and does not pose that many challenges. The traffic on Schenectady Ave ranges from moderate to slightly busy but the surrounding roads are relatively quiet. This is one of my preferred test sites. Traffic in this area is usually driving within the local speed limit Nearest transportation: 3,4 Train(Utica Ave), B46, B35, B8
Rating: 4.2

Seaview - all way stop signs, normal stop signs, traffic lights, bike lanes, dead end streets, wide roads There’s not that many tricky things in this area. It’s very quiet. Traffic volume is low and pedestrian traffic is very low. You will most likely have to change lanes in this area but there is almost no traffic so it should be relatively easy. Sometimes students get confused at the dead end road intersection, so make sure you are clear how to handle this intersection. There are lane markings at this intersection so when in doubt follow the arrows. There’s a lot of all way stop signs here, so get lots of practice on those. This is my favorite road test area in Brooklyn. Location: Canarsie on Seaview Ave. facing East 104st. Very close to the Canarsie Pier Traffic in this area is usually driving within the local speed limit Nearest transportation: L Train(Rockaway Ave), B
Rating: 4.5
had your
how long?
Coney Island - Winding roads, Curved roads, Stop signs, Traffic lights, narrow roads, do not enter signs Fairly simple area but you have to be comfortable on very narrow two way roads and able to navigate winding roads without going into areas of the road that prohibit traffic. Sometimes you have to pull over or stop to let another vehicle pass. Practice on narrow two way roads. There is almost no other traffic and almost no pedestrian traffic It’s not a bad area but just a bit out of the way to get too. Located in Coney Island, Brooklyn New York. Traffic in this area is usually driving within the local speed limit Nearest transportation: Rating: 3.5
~ I didn't even know that I was being taught incorrectly until I found Focus Auto Driving School.

I wish I had found them sooner
Join the thousands of students who have learned to drive with us and got their drivers license on their first try



Services included:
(Five lessons, car for road test, fast road test appointment and five hour class)

Services included:
(Ten lessons, car for road test, fast road test appointment and five hour class)

Sale Price - Expires 3-1-24

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How does this process work?

- Apply for your learners permit
- Take a written test
- Get your learners permit
- Get driving experience or take driving lessons
- Complete a pre-licensing course
- Schedule your road test
- Pass your road test
- Do one lesson to see if you like the instructor and the school before you commit to an expensive package.

What do I need to start?

A learner's permit.

How long is the process?

It really depends on how quickly you want to complete the process.
The fastest you could realistically complete the whole process from written test to
road test is one week/7 days.
The average is around 3-6 months if there are no gaps or setbacks
Otherwise it’s not uncommon for people to take a year or two years or even more
than 3 years to get their driver's license.

Is the road test hard?

The road test is not difficult if you are fundamentally sound.
If you follow the rules of the road, can successfully complete all necessary
maneuvers, have good vehicle control and have good observation skills, the road test
might seem very easy.

How long is the road test?

Roughly around 8 minutes of driving

What will they ask me to do on the road test?

(1) Parallel Park
(1) Three Point Turn
(2-4) Left Turns
(2-4) Right Turns

How do they grade/score the road test?

It’s based on a point system
The lower the points the better
A zero is a perfect score
Anything over 30 points is a fail
Anything 30 and under is a pass
Some mistakes can fail you automatically

When do i get my result?

They used to give you the test results immediately after the test but currently you
have to wait until 6pm the day of your test to receive your results.
At Electronic Notifications (nyrtsscheduler.com)

How soon after I pass my road test, do I get my drivers license?

You will have full driving privileges as soon as you find out your test results but
It typically takes 2 weeks for your new license to arrive in the mail.

Where do I take my road test?

At a DMV road test site.

How do I schedule a road test?

You can hire that service from a driving school.
You can schedule it yourself through the NYSDMV.
Road test appointments are typically available in a range from 4 weeks to 8 weeks
However, there are ways to get a sooner date.

What happens if I fail?

Retake the exam.
There is no mandatory waiting period before retaking the road test.

How many times can I take my road test?

There is no limit to how many times you can take your road test. However, the
NYS DMV will charge you $10 every two times you fail the road test.

Are there any other fees?

Not really. Unless you are working with a driving school.
Driving school fees are separate from DMV fees.
Most driving schools will charge a road test vehicle usage fee for each road test that you take using their vehicle.

How long does my five hour certificate last?

One year from that Issue date.

Can I renew my five hour class certificate?

Unfortunately, you can not.
You must retake the pre-licensing course to receive a new certificate.

How long does my learner's permit last?

It depends on different factors but most permits are valid for 4-6 years.

Can I renew my learners permit?

You can not renew your learner's permit.
You must reapply for a new learner's permit and retake the written test.

What if I lost my learners permit and/or five hour class certificate?

You will need to get a replacement copy from the driving school you originally took it with, before you take your road test.
You can order a replacement learners permit online and print a temporary learners permit.
If your road test is approaching and you have not yet received your new
picture learners permit in the mail, you can still take your road test if you
have either (an expired picture permit, an expired non-driver’s id card or a
valid non-driver’s id card) accompanied by your temporary learners permit.

How many lessons should I take?

Everyone is different.
The number of lessons needed to pass a road test will vary from person to person
There is no mandatory number of lessons required by the NYS DMV for drivers who are 18 years old and over
Underage drivers (Under 18) are required to drive to have 50 hours of driving with
10 of those hours to include highway and night driving. However road test
applicants in this category will be left essentially on an honor policy. These
applicants must bring a signed MV262 form, signed by a parent or guardian. Since
there is no way for the DMV to validate the number of hours that a student actually
completed, this form is essentially a parent consent form.
The average number of lessons that a student needs to pass their road exam ranges anywhere from 5 - 30 lessons.
There are many factors that influence how many lessons someone will need but
the biggest factor is how much driving experience you have before formally starting your driving lessons.
Most drivers who have no experience should anticipate taking anywhere from
10-20 lessons. Some drivers are able to learn in less than 10 lessons but this is not typical.

Do i have to take driving lessons from a driving school?

No. However in most cases, you are more likely to learn the proper procedures
and technique if you take formal lessons from a licensed driving school.

Can I show up to the road test by myself?

You can not drive yourself to the road test. You must have a licensed driver.
However, if you hold a valid drivers license from a foreign country and you acquire
an international driving permit, then you can drive yourself to the road test without an accompanying driver.

Can I bring my own car?

The DMV will not provide a vehicle for you. You must bring your own vehicle.
You can bring a private vehicle or one hired from a driving school.

Do they take you on the highway for your road test?

They do not take you on the highway for Class M and Class D learner's permits.

Will the DMV provide a vehicle for me?

The DMV will not provide a vehicle for you. You must bring your own.

Can I practice in the road test area?

Practicing in the road test site area is prohibited.
Your learner's permit is not valid in any road test area.
Unless you have a driver’s license from a foreign country, you must have an accompanying driver drive you to and from the test site

What do I need to bring to the road test?

What to bring?
(If applicable)
Pre-licensing Course Certificate (MV-278) or Driver Education Certificate (MV-285) unless specifically instructed that it is not necessary
Picture learners permit
Licensed Driver
Registered vehicle (Out of state vehicles with the proper documentation are ok)
Valid vehicle registration and insurance documents
You can use a car rental but the student taking the test must be listed as a driver or the contract must specifically allow for other drivers not listed on the contract
Face mask (just in case)
Students who have a foreign license:
The foreign license
International driving permit
All the above except an accompanying licensed driver

If you are Under 18 years old you will also need:
Certification of Supervised Driving (MV-262)
Wait at least six months from the date you received your learner permit to schedule your road test

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